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Gorilla Bail Bonds licensed bail agents offer bail bonds services throughout the State of Connecticut . Our bondsmen service all CT police departments, courts and correctional institutions where bail bond is accepted. When you work with us, you can rely on professional, confidential and reliable service. We offer the most competitive legal rates in the area and will get your friend or loved one out of jail fast. We have a team of agents on call 24 hours a day, to ensure that when you need us, we are there.

Work with a Connecticut bonding agency you can trust! Gorilla Bail Bonds LLC is an official bail bonding representative within the State of Connecticut. Work with trust, work with the gorilla bail bond team.

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Agency: Gorilla Bail Bonds

Location: 136 Main St. New Britain, CT 06051

Telephone: (860) 827-1111

Hours of Operation: 24 Hour

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Industry: Bail Bonds Services

Website: gorillabailbonds.com

Institutions Serviced

Correctional Centers

New Haven County Jail, Hartford Corrections, Bridgeport County Jail, Osborn Correctional Center, York Niantic Institution - Female, Manson Youth Detention - Juveniles, Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional

Courts Serviced

Bail Bond Price Examples

If the bail is equal to or less than $5,000, the premium, price you pay without a payment plan is ten percent.

You Pay

Bail amount is greater than $5,000, the premium, price you pay is seven percent plus $150.00.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bail Bond

Bail Bond Briefly Defined | Money or property given to the court for the temporary release of a defendant, to ensure that the defendant will return to court. There are multiple types of bail bonds but for our purpose, the most related are listed below.
Non-financial bonds  |  Surety bonds

CT Bondsman

Bondsman Fuctions | A bail bondsman is an authorized individual licensed by the Connecticut Insurance Department to provide bail bond service. Bail bondsmen can facilitate the release of most detained individuals by providing surety bonds. A bail bondsman, bondsmen and-or surety bailman can perform his-her duties after being formally authorized by the incarcerated individual or authorized representative.

Bail Commissioner

Bail Commissioner | The Bail Commissioner is a state appointed individual who may set the amount of bond for persons detained at a police station prior to arraignment in court, and who recommends to the court the amount of bail that should be set for the defendant on any given criminal or motor vehicle case.

About Premium

Premium | Premium is the state regulated rate that we charge for a bail bond. There are two equations used to determine the premium. One uses a ten percent calculation and the other a seven percent plus an added administrative free. The premium is what you will pay for the bail bond and-or the cost for getting a friend or loved one out of jail.


Collateral | Collateral for the purposes of bail bonds, could be money or a physical property like real estate. A Bail Agency can request that additional money, apart from the premium be given in order to execute bail. Property is usually evaluated based on available equity. All money held for Collateral is returnable upon successfull completion of court requirements. There is more to the definition of collateral and its functions.


Cosigner | Co-signers are used to guarantee the bail bond. They assume a finacial resposbility if the defendant does not appear in court. Also, assume finacial resposbility for any unpaid premium. Most bail agencies require working Co-signers which allows for a sense of security. The number of
Cosigners Needed

The Defendant

Defendant | A defendant for the purpose of bail bonds is the person locked up needing bail. From a bail perspective the defendant is also considered the principal. Further court proceedings will also refer to the individual in pretrial status and out on bail as the defendant.

Missing Court

Skipping Bail | A person out on bail must appear to all their court hearings. Missing a court date will result in a re-arrest, an arrest warrant ordered by the court. The defendant may have to post a new bond, more money to be paid out and bail enforcement agents are possibly going to be looking for that individual. There is no positive outcome for not going to court as scheduled.

Bail Questioning

The Questions | Agencies need to measure the risk! A Bondsman may only do a bond he-she feels is secured. Liability on a bond is always greater than the potential profit. Therefore, do not take the questions in a negative way, is simply the standard process for making a bail decission.

Hours of Operation

24hr Service | Yes! The bail bond agents for Gorilla Bail Bonds are on call 24 hours 7 Days a week. Including Holidays! We are operational regardless of the time or day.

Paying the Balance

Payment Time Frame | Is up to the specific bondsman or agency, but for sure not more than 15 months from the date of bond out. When you work with Gorilla Bail Bonds, we work with you and make available the most possible repayment time. There are legal time frames that cannot be exceeded, therefore, paying any balance as soon as possible is recommended.

Beginning the Bail Process

Getting Started | There are various bail bond forms that need to be completed to begin the bail bond process. Following agency approval of the bail bond, the defendants authorized representative would complete the defendant authorization form, defendant background application, co-signer application and other possible forms. After all these forms are completed, the bondsman continues to the following step in the bail process which may involve the execution of the bond.

Bail Terminology

Terminology | Commonly used terminology within the bail bond industry includes some of the following terms: PTA, Premium, Defendant, Cosigner, Mandatory Minimum, Payment Plan, GA, PD, Bail, Bonds, Bail-Bond, Bail Bonding, and others. The term Bond, could also be relate to the investing arena.

Out of State Bail Bonds

Servicing Connecticut Only | At the moment we do not offer out of state bail bond serivces. Our agency is currently licensed to operate only within the state of Connecticut. However, if you reside in another state and a friend or loved one is detained in Connecticut, we can help with bail bond services without you having to travel to CT. Call us for more information!

About Payment Plans

Unpaid Balances | A payment plan will allow you to get a friend or loved one out of jail without having to pay the full premium initially. However, not everyone qualifies for a payment plan. After qualifying for a payment arrangement, you will be responsible as a cosigner to the bond to pay any remaining balance. Payments can be structured weekly, by weekly, monthly or as a one time payment. Payments can also be made via mail, by phone with a credit or debit card, or in person at our main office.

35 Percent Down

Down Payment Regulation | The thirthy five percent bail regulation in short, means that any person seeking the services of a bail bondsman must pay a minimum deposit of thirthy five percent of the PREMIUM on any executed bail, if a payment plan in needed. So how does it work?
35 percent scenario

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Gorilla Bail Bonds , Becasue I had a positive encounter, I decided to make it public and known. I landed on Gorilla Bail Bonds number and spoke with the owner Eddie. That was this morning at around 4am - 12-16-2012. I told Eddie that I needed his help and that if he could assist. He quickly responded and got the bail done even though it was 4am and the bail bond was small. Therefore I will like to recommend this company and the owner Eddie...

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Gorilla Bail Bonds , I will recommend this company to anyone who is looking for somenone who is diligent. Am from middletown and i needed a bondsman in Hartford and from experience i can say they are reliable. They work well. The other agency did not.

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Gorilla Bail Bonds , The bondsmen for this company are very nice and helpful. When other companies didn't want to help me because I didn't have any other cosigners, they did. The bail man Eddie cannot be thanked more for helping us in time of need, especially now in the holidays. Ed and Gorilla Bonds on behalf of the Bertacruz family we will like to thank you from the heart and wish you happy holidays. Definitively Recommend.

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Merchantcircle Client Review 2012
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