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bail bond questions and answers

frequently asked questions


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a bail bond?

For Simplicity Purposes, a bail bond is like a restriction, condition or sum placed on an arrested individual. The payment of such sum, will satisfy a condition of the arrest allowing the person to have temporary freedom as they go through the judicial proceedings. There are various types of bail bonds but for our purpose, Non-financial bonds and Surety bonds are the most related.

bail bondsman help

How can a bondsman help me?

A Bail Bondsman Can Help If, there is a person locked up in a Connecticut facility and is being held on a criminal or motor vehicle surety bond. A bondsman can help you get a friend or loved one out of jail at a reduced cost. Otherwise, you would have to pay the full bond total set by the arresting agency.

What is the role of the bail commissioner?

A Bail Commissioner, In short and for the purpose herein, can modify a detainees bail amount by increasing or lowering the sum. The commissioner can also release the individual on a promise to appear where the payment of bond is not needed.

price on a bail bond

Who determines the price on a bond?

The Price, Better Known as Premium, is determined and regulated by the CID, Connecticut Insurance Department. All CT bail bond agents must honor these rates established by the CID. For more informaton about the rates, see the above chart where we describe the different percentages.

When is collateral needed on a bail bond?

If you work with Gorilla Bail Bonds, Collateral is needed only after a general background analysis leads us to conclude that the individual needing a bail bond is more likely to fail to appear to the court date than not. Collateral is often requested for detainees who reside at another state other than Connecticut. For individuals that have a history of missing court dates, those with a reasonable probation suspended sentence and several other factors.

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Do I need a cosigner?

Cosigners are Needed Most Times, and because all bail bonds are different in the amount and details, the number of required cosigners is an unknown variable. There are times when we do not require an additional cosigner and the signature of the individual needing to post bail is sufficient. This is especially true during times when a person with an outstandig warrant turns themselves in to the police department. Click on the following link for more information about cosigners needed.

Who is responsable for a bail bond balance?

If you are Involved as a Cosigner on a Bail Bond, the reality is that you can and very likely will be financially liable for any unpaid balances on a surety bail bond. All individuals formally involved including the person being bonded are responsible. All Connecticut bail bond agents are mandated by CID to file civil action against those on a payment arrangement who default.

What happens if am a cosigner and person fails to appear at court?

You are Financially Liable if Person Skips Bail. If the individual bonded is not found within a reasonable time frame, the bail bonding company will go after you the cosigner, civilly for the total loss. Such final sum may include the amount paid to the state of Connecticut for the bond forfeiture and any other cost associated with civil court filing, bail enforcement etc.

Why do I have to disclose personal information on the bonding application?

Personal Information is Gathered for both Cosigners and the Defendant, before and after bond execution. Our agency similar to others, mandates that a formal bail bond application is completed. Within this application, all signers will have to disclose name, date of birth, social security, address, employment and other information. You can decide not to complete the application, however, the bail bonds agency will likely not execute the surety bond.

What are your operational hours?

Gorilla Bail Bonds, is open 24 hours 7 Days a week. We also work on holidays and most times during snow storms.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, We Offer Bail Bond Financing to Qualified Applicants. Once approved, you can get up to 15 month financing. Pay Gorilla Bail Bonds weekly, every two weeks, monthly or make a one time full payment. The amount of the payment can be negotiated with the individual bail bondsman.

bail bond process

What is the initial bail process?

Once you Decide to Work With Gorilla Bail Bonds, the assigned bail bond agent will have you fill out and sign several forms. Some of the legal forms authorize the bails bond agent to execute the bond on your behalf. Another can ask for your personal information and also disclose related liabilities. The bail agent will finalize the process by giving the police department or legal authority the needed documents to post bond. At last, the person locked up is then bonded and will be released.

What is common terminology used within the surety bonding industry?

Some of the terms used by Bondsman Include, PTA, Premium, Defendant, Cosigner, Mandatory Minimum, Payment Plan, GA, PD, Bail, Bonds, Bail Bonding and others.

locked up

I have a friend locked up in New York, can you help?

Unfortunately No, We are Only Licensed in Connecticut. However, if you live in another state and a friend or loved one is locked up in Connecticut, we can help with bail bond services without you having to travel to CT. For more information about the out of state bail bond process give us a call.

Why do all bail bondsmen talk about the 35 percent down payment rule?

If you Were Looking for a Payment Plan on a Bail Bond, chances are that if you spoke to various agents, you were given the same minimal quote. This quote, or reduced deposit, is a calculation of thirthy five percent of the state mandated premium. Bail bond companies are not required to accept this lower rate as an initial deposit. The discounted bonding rate is offered at the discretion of the individual agency. The fact is, that all bonding agents in Connecticut must comply with the 35 percent bail bond regulation.

How much do you have to pay a bail bondsman?

The amount you pay to the bondsman depends on the size of the bond and whether or not you need to pay for collateral. Not all bonds require the payment of collateral. For an example of how to calculate a bail bond price click on the blue link.

How does a Jail bond work?

There are several steps to a jail bond. But in short, the bondsman must complete and submit the bail paperwork, wait for these documents to be forwarded to the records department for verification, and finally wait for a correctional officer to release the person being bonded.

What is the court bail bond process?

The bail bond process at court most likely begins at the clerks office. The bondsman completes and submits all bail bond documents to the court clerk. The clerk will then notify the detention marshalls, who will then escort the individual being bonded to the clerks office for release proceedings.

How long does it take for a bail bondsman to post bail?

In all honesty, a bondsman can post bail in less than five minutes regardless of location due to the minimal paperwork involved. However, the processing and release time is more of a time factor since some institutions can post bail and relase in less than 15 minutes where other locations can take hours.

How long do you stay in jail if you can't make bail?

If you cannot make bail at the police department when arrested, you will stay there until the next official court business day. If cannot make bail at court, you will then be transferred to the local county jail. There you can spend days, weeks, months, years until your case is resolved.

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