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Why Gorilla Bail Bonds?

We have over 10 years of experience helping families with bail bond needs. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including holidays. If you are short on funds and qualify, we make bail possible with easy financing and a minimal mandatory deposit. In addition, we offer bonding for a wide range of charges including:

Get your court date, find a person in Jail or see if you have an active arrest warrant.

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Frequently asked bail bond questions in Connecticut.

Bail Bonds FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it takes for a bail bonds at Waterbury police department?

Waterbury Police Department is very bussy most of the time.So expect to be at the station for atleast one hour. On the weekends at night, expect a longer wait time for bail bonds since the release time of individuals in lock up can take an estimated two to four hours.

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Do I need a Cosigner?

You will need one or more cosigners for most bail bonds. At times, if you are turning yourself in to the police deparmtnet for a warrant, we may bypass the need for a cosigner. In trying to figure out the amount of cosigners needed, simple note that the bigger the bail bond, the more cosigners needed. For smaller size bonds, a single cosigner is ok.

What should I bring with me to be a cosigner?

When cosigning for a bail bond, the most important item to bring is your Connecticut identification or drivers license. Aside from the id, you may need to bring proof of employment and a peace of mail to confirm your current home address.

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If arrested at Waterbury police, how long do I stay there?

If you are arrested at the Waterbury police station, and do not post bond you will stay in custody for the following time frames: Note, these are examples only and may not be fully accurate. If arrested on a work week day, you will remain in custody at the Waterbury police until the next day when you will be escorted to your first court date. If arrested on a friday after about 10am, saturday or sunday, you will be at the police station until monday. As long as that following monday, is not a holiday. If it is a holiday and the court is closed, you will spend an extra night at the police station.

Can I pay my own bail bond?

Technically, yes you can pay your own bond. However, if you are in police custody, from our experience, you won't be allowed to pay with you own funds. The bond money will have to be paid by someone on the outside. Also, you are turning yourself in on a warrant and you have the full amount of the bail, you can pay your own bond without the need for a bail bondsman.

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Can I pay my bond with my car title?

The answer is no. You cannot pay a surety bail bond with a car title or the physical car itselt. A car title is considered collateral and per state law, collateral cannot be taken in replacement for the regulated premium.

I live out of state, can I pay for a bond online?

Yes, you can pay for a bond online when working with Gorilla Bail Bonds in Waterbury. To do so, on our menu bar click on Make Payment or on the url search bar on your device, type http://gorillabailbonds.com/payments.php or atlast, click on the highlighted blue link.

Can I do a bail bond at the Waterbury court?

Yes. You can do a bail bond at the Waterbury superior court if allowed by the court. The reason we say if the court allows, is because there can be a restriction set by the court or court staff which indicates that the bond is to be only executed at a specific location and under certain conditions. If such restriction is set, than you cannot do the bail bond at the Waterbury court.

Why do I have to disclose personal Information on the bonding application?

Personal information is gathered for both cosigners and the defendant, before and after bond execution. Our agency similar to others, mandates that a formal bail bond application is completed. Within this application, all signers will have to disclose name, date of birth, social security, address, employment and other information. You can decide not to complete the application, however, the bail bonds agency will likely not execute the surety bond.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer bail bond financing to qualified applicants. Once approved, you can get up to 15 month financing. Pay Gorilla Bail Bonds weekly, every two weeks, monthly or make a one time full payment. The amount of the payment can be negotiated with the individual bail bondsman.

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How much do you have to pay
a bail bondsman?

If I do a bail bonds at Waterbury Police, what should I expect?

Waterbury Police Department Information

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How does a Jail bond work?

First, for this example, jail is the county department of corrections, the final stop after going through the police department and superior court detention.

Bondsman at New Haven county Jail?

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Superior Court bail bond process

The bail bond process at the majority of Connecticut's courts is the same. Some of the things that change include location, release time and staff etc. After the detainee goes in front of the judge and the bond is set, this can be the bail bond process to be expected.

Waterbury Superior Court Information

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